We offer here a curated list of sofware that we believe are useful to practioners and researchers dealing with CityGML. Most of the software are recent and well-maintained; if you believe your software should be there please let us know.

Free and open-source software are marked by


A native and fast CityGML viewer for macOS

Elyx 3D Viewer (1Spatial)
CityGML viewer (Windows-only)

Can be used to read, write, process and visualise CityGML; Windows, macOS, Linux

Visualises the semantic data models IFC, CityGML and gbXML; Windows-only

Generators of 3D city models in CityGML

Takes 2D GIS datasets and “3dfies” them by lifting each polygon to its height (obtained with LiDAR). Outputs CityGML

CityEditor (SketchUp extension)
CityEditor by 3DIS GmbH allows import, editing and export of CityGML models using SketchUp

This tool will take XMLs of buildings from OSM using Overpass and convert it to CityGML format with OSM2World and FME for eventual use with 3DCityDB

A basic procedural modelling engine for generating random (synthetic) buildings and other features in CityGML in multiple levels of detail (LOD)

Plugin for Rhinoceros to easily create 3D textured models from data such as roof vectors, aerial imagery, point clouds or cadastral files.

The extensive 3D city models can be derived automatically from digital elevation data in CityGML and ESRI-Shape formats.

Parsers and API for programmers

Open source Java class library and API

CodeSynthesis XSD
XML Schema to C++ data binding compiler, see the CityGML specificities

Can be used to read, write, process and visualise CityGML; Windows, macOS, Linux

HUMBOLDT Alignment Editor (HALE)
Can read, write, process CityGML and other GML application schemas (incl. INSPIRE)

Open source C++ class library for reading CityGML. Supports most CityGML elements; also provides a plugin for the OpenSceneGraph library for CityGML visualization

Provides JAXB (Java) and Jsonix (JSON) bindings for XML Schemas defined by OGC incl; CityGML v1.0 and v2.0

Could help in reading ‘vanilla’ GML, not support for CityGML objects though

Validators of different aspects of CityGML

(look at the validation page where more details are available)

Implements methods and metrics for analysis, testing and correction of syntax, geometry and semantics

Web-application to validate your CityGML file against the XSD schemas

Validation of 3D GML primitives according to the international standard ISO19107

Storage in DBMS

3D City Database
Free geo database to store, represent, and manage virtual 3D city models on top of a standard spatial relational database (PostGIS and Oracle)

High-performance data store for geospatial files (ready for the cloud). Supports CityGML, GML, GeoJSON, and more.

Software that uses CityGML as input